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Full-Service Social Media Marketing

Pelicon offers a turnkey approach to Social Media marketing that will increase brand awareness, produce high-quality content, and drive sales.

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Pelicon takes the guesswork out of identifying influencers.

Using proprietary software, our team of experts will provide in-depth insights into your brand’s social health and influencer follower demographics and affinities. Armed with this data, we analyze and identify the ideal influencers to get your brand message in front of the right audience.

Armed with a full service – Turn key Solution:

A full stack of services is available or A LA CARTE options are available.
Social Media Health Analytics

Learn how your social media account performance and engagement on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter compare to other accounts of similar size within your industry.

Audience Analysis

Who’s following you? We’ll take a deep dive into your follower demographics including their gender, age, language, location and interests.

Influencer Discovery

After analyzing advanced data about your brand’s social media presence and followers, we’ll explore our network of over 2.5 million profiles and create a targeted list of influencers to get your brand in front of the right audience.

Campaign Development

Our team of experts will work with you to understand your marketing goals and create a completely custom influencer strategy to amplify your brand messaging.

Campaign Management

Say goodbye to time-consuming negotiations. From initial influencer outreach to contract negotiations and content management, we’ve got you covered. We build authentic relationships that can last beyond your current campaign.

Art Direction

We will work with your brand to identify the desired look of the content produced by your influencers. We review every piece of content created and provide feedback on art direction to ensure high-quality imagery is associated with your campaign. At the end of the campaign, we will provide a folder of all influencer images.

Asset Production

Our in-house design team will assist in creating any additional assets you may need to make your brand pop.


Need help crafting your brand messaging? Current copy in need of a refresh? Make sure your website is ready for the spotlight when your campaign goes live.

Campaign Reporting

We provide an easily-digestible report detailing the overall performance of your influencer campaign and ROI measurement.



Learn About Your Followers

We offer powerful insights into your social media followers. We’ll take a deep dive into your follower demographics, brand affinities, and the general health of your social media accounts. Want more information? Get a leg up on your competitors with in-depth information about their social media accounts as well.

Let’s Get Started

Pelicon provides end-to-end influencer campaign management backed by advanced analytics to ensure your next campaign takes flight.

Get a Free Social Media Health Report