Email Marketing Programs

Email marketing is not dead. (We’re considering turning that into a billboard.) When someone gives you their email address, they are providing you with a direct communication line. You now wield the power to choose what story you tell them, what products they see and give them the VIP treatment. These are your VIP customers. Thoughtful email marketing campaigns with beautiful visual storytelling will inspire brand loyalty and boost your bottom line.

Our Process

If you want to drive revenue and tell a cohesive story (who doesn’t!?), email calendar planning is essential. From monthly to quarterly planning, we’ll outline the overarching themes, promotions, and product categories for emails within the time period.
Creative Brief
This document is an information hub for each email. It contains all messaging, product links, dates, design notes and any other relevant information our designers need to create your email.
Using information provided in the creative brief, our copywriter writes targeted messaging that will tell your brand or product story and connect with the desired audience. A/B tested subject lines will strengthen open rates and boost email engagement.
Our designers use the completed creative brief to create responsive design that will display beautifully on mobile as well as web. Each email features completely custom creative that will marry branding with seasonal color and style trends.
List Management
A healthy email list is key for great results. Subscriber imports, exports, duplicate email removal, segment tagging, and other best practices will keep your list up-to-date and ready for deployment.
Email deployment
From welcome email automation to segmented targeting campaigns, we can take the email deployment burden off your plate and get your emails into inboxes at the best performing times.
We want your emails to not only look good, but we want them to perform well. We track a slew of metrics (open, bounce, click, unsubscribe rates and more) to make sure your emails are opened and resonating with your target audience. There’s no secret formula, so our strategy is always evolving to best support your goals for your email campaigns.

Want to create an even deeper customer experience?

Pair email marketing with a social media strategy for an integrated marketing approach that will grow your email list and social media followers. Double win.

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