How do we show what we can do rather than just talk about it? The question was thrown out during a Pelicon team meeting. After a couple of brainstorming sessions and a flurry of texts, we had a plan and the most adorable model.

Meet Bogie. She’s a ten week old cream Golden Retriever puppy who allowed us to dress her up, show her off and create a marketing campaign around her perceived desire to become a social media influencer and launch her very own product line.


Every great project starts with a strategy meeting. The team met with Bogie to discuss the goals for her campaign and tactics to achieve success. From social media strategy to graphic design and email marketing, no bone, err..stone, was left unturned.


To set the mood, we curated a collection of images and design to establish a look, feel and tone for Bogie as a brand.


Bogie’s happy-go-lucky demeanor inspired the warm, inviting design of her logo.


Launching a product is ruff work, but Bogie’s ready for the challenge. Introducing Bogie Bites!


Bogie needs a website that functions beyond a simple ecommerce platform. The design needs to reflect her personality while content tells her story, keeps her customers up-to-date with her blog, and connects to her social channels.


Great campaigns feature great content. Bogie was a natural in front of the camera. Filled with extreme curiosity about its clicking sounds, many photos feature her nose. It’s okay, she has a cute one.

Social Media Strategy

Armed with adorable photos, we started building out Bogie’s social media editorial calendar featuring some of her favorite Smoky Hollow treats.

Email Marketing

How does Bogie build a list of her most loyal fans and followers? Sign up for her emails to find out!

Influencer Marketing

With great photography, a social media strategy and influencer media kit, pitching brand collaborations is a breeze.


Treat them to the best

All-natural, grain-free treats with the freshest ingredients for the healthiest (and happiest) dogs.

Our Story

Our dogs deserve the best. Who else provides absolute unconditional love and companionship? So we set out to create an all-natural, low-calorie dog treat that our pup Bogie would love without upsetting her stomach. Because BogieBites have less calories than traditional grain-free treats, they can be used for training without fear of overfeeding your pup.

Take your marketing to the next level

We had so much fun building Bogie’s (fictional) brand in celebration of National Pet Day. While it’s easy to jump on a trending hashtag with a quick post on social, there are more meaningful ways to join the conversation around a social media holiday and trend.

So, ready to be like Bogie and take your marketing to the next level?

Shoot us a message through the contact form.

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