Everyone’s talking about it, but why should you take the leap into influencer marketing? Learn why influencers are more than just a buzzword.

Trust Me

There’s a level of trust built between influencers and their followers that doesn’t usually exist with traditional brand advertising. When an influencer recommends a brand, their followers are more receptive to the messaging. Therefore, working with targeted social media influencers to amplify your brand messaging will reach a different audience with increased credibility.

Go for Engagement

Micro-influencers can be highly affective brand ambassadors. Despite having less followers than macro-influencers, they tend to have higher engagement rates thanks to the loyal fanbase they’ve cultivated.


Of course, a main reason brands work with influencers – they generate sales. When you create partnerships backed by data, you not only increase brand awareness with a relevant audience but create an opportunity to generate sales from people you may not have normally reached. Influencer specific discount codes or campaign landing page will help you track those sales and prove ROI.

A Picture’s Worth…

Influencers are content creating machines. The high-quality content you receive from influencers, depending on your usage rights agreement, can be repurposed across other marketing channels: your brand’s social media (organic and paid), email marketing and website.

From amplified brand messaging to content creation, influencers provide a different approach to marketing that can be a game-changer for your brand. Interested in a curated list of influencers targeted for your brand? We can help!