You heard about macro influencers and then micro influencers rise to popularity; now nano influencers are the talk of the marketing town. Who are they, why use them, and how do you find them?

Nano influencers have around 1,000-5,000 followers on social media and represent a typical “friend” persona. They probably haven’t worked with brands before, but they have a great eye and excel on social media. Despite their lower number of followers, they can be effective niche marketers with high engagement rates. Consumers are getting smarter about being able to identify sponsored versus paid content on social media. Because nano influencers’ feeds aren’t packed with paid promotions, they provide a level of authenticity that you might not get with seasoned influencers. A brand or product recommendation from a friend will convert better than an ad, and nanos provide that level of friendly intimacy.

Nano influencers are also cost effective and will typically work for product trade. Often they’re excited to work with a band for the first time and may over deliver and give you more content options in exchange for the opportunity for their content to be shared. Additionally, building a relationship with these smaller influencers when they’re just starting out on their influencer journey may translate to lower fees as their following grows. Nano influencers may be great for getting feedback on a new product before launch.

However, being new to working with brands can be a drawback as well. Experienced influencers understand the process of working with brands, from contract negotiations to brand content review. Nano influencers may require some education in these areas. Because of their limited reach, brands looking for wide exposure will need to work with a lot more nano influencers to receive the same reach as micro influencers.

Nano influencers can also be harder to find without assistance from an agency or influencer discovery software. Thanks to our partnership with Tagger, we can find influencers with a specific number of followers, engagement rate, most discussed topics and so much more. If you’re interested in learning more about how working with influencers can benefit your brand shoot us a message! We’d love to geek out with you.